Green Acres Farmadoodles

**Update!! We have sold 3 of our puppies so we only have 4 fluffy puppies left!! Scroll down to see the ones we still have available in the first set of pictures. They will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and have had all of the shots and worming possible for their age. They come with papers from the veterinary check done at 8 weeks old.**

Our first litter of Green Acres Farmadoodles was born on July 5, 2022 to our Australian Shepherd, Ruby, and our standard poodle, Jack. Ruby had seven active, healthy puppies. Four of them are black and white Tuxedo Aussiedoodles (2 males, 2 females), one brown and white (sable) Tuxedo Aussiedoodle, and two solid black girls with tiny tips of white. I have spoken to my veterinary office and they will do a health screening and the first shots at 8 weeks old. They will not do any shots before the puppies are 8 weeks old so we will not sell the puppies before then!! The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on Friday, September 2, 2022 which coincides with Labor Day Weekend.

We are asking $1,500 per puppy. Each puppy will come with the first round of shots, deworming, and a vet check at 8 weeks old to determine the overall health of the puppy. To reserve a puppy, you will be asked to make a $500 down payment with the balance due on the date they go home with your family. We will allow the people on our waiting list to choose in order of their spot on the waiting list. Make sure to get your name on our list if you are interested. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or at the email address provided on our home page.

**Please scroll down to see pictures of the puppies and information and pictures of their parents and grandparents!!**

Green Acres Farmadoodles is excited to begin offering Aussiedoodles for sale in the summer of 2022. We purchased our Australian Shepherds first to give them adequate time to grow and mature before they are bred. They will be well over a year old before they have their first puppies. We have a cream colored Standard Poodle named Jack who is expected to weigh between 70-80 pounds. He is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs we have ever owned. He was born on May 23, 2021 and is registered through AKC. He is up to date on vaccinations and worming.

We are calling ourselves Green Acres Farmadoodles because that describes our lifestyle and future Aussiedoodles perfectly. When I posted a picture of Jack on my Instagram account, I thought of the term “farmadoodle” and it just seemed to fit. Along with our name, I wrote this caption:

“Farmadoodle: a poodle that lives on a farm and hardly ever resembles a fancy poodle. This is Jack. He is a registered Standard Poodle who cannot stay out of the mud or stop eating cow patties.”

Here are some pictures of Jack along with a picture from when we first purchased him. His fur is a really appealing cream color that is nice and curly and has done remarkably well on the farm despite getting wet 2,351 times each day. 😉

Below are pictures of Jack’s mother and father. His mother is a white registered Standard Poodle and his father is a parti-colored (white with cream spots) registered Standard Poodle.

The two girls pictured below are the other half of Green Acres Farmadoodles! Meet our two full-breed Australian Shepherds, Ruby and Opal. They are both healthy and up to date on vaccinations and worming. They have very loving, obedient, and energetic personalities and love to play and wrestle with one another.

Ruby was born 01/15/21. She is a Red Tri-colored Australian Shepherd. Her mom is a Red Merle (grandparents were Red Tri-colored and Blue Merle) and here dad was a Red-tri with some white markings. (The last two pictures show her parents so you can see possible color combinations for her puppies!) Ruby has a very mischievous personality and likes to push boundaries a bit. We have to keep a close eye on her because she likes to explore and get into mischief with other animals. She is very sweet and smart and likes to help herd our cows and goats.

Opal was born on 01/17/21. She is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Opal’s mom is a red tri-colored Australian Shepherd with lots of white markings and her dad is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. (The last two pictures show her parents so you can see possible color combinations for her puppies!) Opal is a very obedient dog who is a people pleaser. Whenever Ruby gets in trouble, she makes sure she stays close and lets us know she is being “the good dog”! Opal is really sweet and likes to give us hugs. She also likes to help herd our cows.