Farm Animals for Sale

Miniature Herefords an Micro-Miniatures For Sale:

We currently do not have any Miniature Herefords or Micro-Miniatures for sale. We will post pictures as soon as they become available!

Texas Longhorns For Sale:

UPDATED!! Our beautiful heifer, Luna, was born on 03/02/20 and is the daughter of two registered Texas Longhorns, Moonbeam and Duke. She was our cutest calf on the farm and is now a gorgeous young heifer looking for a new home. Look at her pictures to see what your calves would look like! We are asking $700 for Luna. She is registerable upon purchase. (We are willing to sell Lightning….see him in the picture below… and Luna together with a $100 discount which would be $1300 for BOTH of them!)

Mixed Breed Cattle For Sale:

We have a gentle bull named Lightning who was born on 01/24/20. We are asking $700 for Lightning. (We are willing to sell Lightning and Luna together with a $100 discount which would be $1300 for BOTH of them!) He is friendly and good with the other animals on the farm. He would be a wonderful herd bull for a herd of young heifers since he is 3/4 Longhorn.

We also have a flashy heifer named Cookie for sale. She was born on 01/25/19 to a Black Baldy cow and a registered Texas Longhorn bull. We are going a new direction and only raising full breed Texas Longhorns and miniatures. Please contact us if you have any questions. The cost for Cookie and her baby, Truffle, is $1150. Truffle is an energetic, adorable little replica of her momma and was born on 1/28/22. Her dad is a registered Texas Longhorn.

KuneKune Pigs For Sale:

We have four piglets from our Kunekune pigs, Hammah Montana and Elvis Pigsley. They were born on May 4, 2022. Both parents are non-registered full breed KuneKune pigs we have had on our farm for years! We have 3 females available that are $200 each. We still have one male available for $150. The ones we have left are all predominantly black with tan or ginger-colored spots.

Dwarf Nigerian Goats For Sale:

We have had five new Dwarf Nigerian goat kids born so far on Green Acres in the spring of 2022! We have two females (SOLD!!) and three males available for purchase. We are asking $150 each for the males. These kids will have horns when they become adults. We prefer horns on our goats so we can catch them more easily when we need to give them medicine or get them to go into a certain pen on our farm. We have both blue-eyed and brown-eyed Dwarf Nigerian goats available.