Farm Animals for Sale

Miniature Herefords For Sale:

**UPDATE: Dos is SOLD as of 12/12/21** We have a bull, Dos, who was born on 04/26/20. He is very colorful with lots of white markings and would make a wonderful herd bull. He is already following the ladies around competing with our bull. We are asking $1,200 for Dos. (Dos is on the left in the pictures below!)

**UPDATE: The heifer is SOLD** The other Miniature Hereford we have for sale is Joy. She was born on 04/13/21 and is a bit shy. She is naturally polled. She is tall and has a very nice, dark red color. We are asking $1,600 for Joy. (Joy is on the right of the pictures!) **SOLD**

Texas Longhorns For Sale:

**UPDATE: Luna is SOLD pending pickup in March, 2022!!** Our beautiful heifer, Luna, was born on 03/02/20 and is the daughter of two registered Texas Longhorns, Moonbeam and Duke. She was our cutest calf on the farm and is now a gorgeous young heifer looking for a new home. Look at her pictures to see what your calves would look like! We are asking $800 for Luna. She is registerable upon purchase.

Mixed Breed Cattle For Sale:

**UPDATE: Lightning is SOLD pending pick up in March, 2020** We have a gentle bull named Lightning who was born on 01/24/20. We are asking $800 for Lightning. He is friendly and good with the other animals on the farm. He would be a wonderful herd bull for a herd of young heifers since he is 3/4 Longhorn.

**Reduced to $700** We also have a mixed breed flashy heifer for sale. We are asking $800 for her as well. Her name is Cookie. She was born on 01/25/19 and she’s ready for some new pastures. Please contact us if you have any questions.

KuneKune Pigs For Sale:

NEW PIGLETS will be for sale soon!! We have one female and two males who were born on 11/03/21. The female costs $250 and the two males cost $150 each. The mom is named Pua and the dad is named Buddy! They are both full breed KuneKunes with sweet temperaments. **Updated 12/03/21: The female and one male are SOLD/pending pickup** We still have one male available for $150.

**Update: We have sold all seven of these piglets as of 1/1/22!!** We had another litter of full breed KuneKune piglets on 11/20/21!! The mom is Hammah Montana and the dad is Elvis Pigsley!! We have seven piglets available!! They will run between $150-$250 each depending on the gender and coloring.

Dwarf Nigerian Goats For Sale:

** UPDATE: Reduced prices for quick sale!** We have had four new baby goats born in October and November of 2021! The three females are reduced from $200 each to $150 each and the male is reduced from $150 to $125. (The male is in the first two pictures. He is flashy and has a black patch on his nose!)