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A Place of Peace

Our farm is a place of rest and peace for our family. When we decided to move from Houston, TX to a farm in Central Texas, we were thrilled to find this beautiful piece of land we quickly named Green Acres. Not only is our last name Green, but our circumstances definitely mirrored that of the popular TV show that, coincidentally, was aired only months before I was born in 1965.

Many local people don’t realize how closely I channel the main star, Lisa Douglas, in that I lived in the huge metropolis of Houston, Texas for fifty years and I REALLY liked shopping and dressing nicely in my earlier years of adulthood!! Wow, has country life been a shock for me. I can’t even dream of wearing anything but old, crusty clothes whenever I go outside to feed and water our farm animals. We have a myriad of cows, donkeys, pigs, goats, chickens, dogs, and cats and it takes a lot of feed, water, hay, and dirt to get all of our animals taken care of each day! Don’t get me wrong…I love it! I just can’t expect to go outside and remain clean for any length of time.

We have lived here for over seven years now and recently opened our new farm shop, The Rusty Coop, at the front of our property near the main road. The Rusty Coop has been a longtime dream and, I am happy to say, the first month of it was an amazing success full of fun, friends, and family. I couldn’t be happier about how the shop is running and hope you can come visit The Rusty Coop on a Saturday from 11-4 sometime soon!

We are grateful you chose to read about Green Acres Farm & Home and we hope you will come back to our website occasionally to see new blogs, updates, pictures, and more. We appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you at The Rusty Coop on Green Acres sometime soon!

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