Green Acres Pyredoodles

We purchased two Great Pyrenees LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) in February, 2022 to watch over our Micro-Miniature Herefords. Since they were as white as snow AND we got them during a cold snap, of course we named them Anna and Elsa after the Disney Frozen characters. Here are pictures of Anna and Elsa and pictures of their parents from the farms where they were born.


Great Pyrenees are known for their reserved, independent nature. They do not mind being alone and can often be seen way out in the pastures or even just outside of the fence lines on farms with livestock. They are excellent guardian dogs and often guard sheep, goats, and cattle in areas where coyotes are present. They are gentle giants unless a coyote shows up. Then they spring into action to protect the herd. They are a bit wary of strangers and will usually only approach people if you introduce them first. Although most people keep Great Pyrenees outside to protect animals, they are known to be loving, loyal inside family dogs as well. They are very gentle and protective of children.

Because Great Pyrenees shed their thick coats several times per year, we decided to cross breed them with our Standard Poodle, Jack, to breed a hybrid dog known as Pyredoodles or Pyrepoos. **Please see our page called Green Acres Aussiedoodles to see information about our male Standard Poodle, Jack, and his parents.** With the addition of the non-shedding poodle hair, we are hoping to see a reduction in shedding and allergens produced. Please note that their coats will, most likely, need to be groomed regularly in order to prevent tangles and knots in their thick coats.

In true Frozen fashion, Anna delivered her first litter of Pyredoodles on January 28, 2023 which was the first day of the Ice-pocolypse that downed power lines and huge trees across Central Texas and knocked out electricity for days!! Each one of her Pyredoodle puppies is different. Some of them have more of the Great Pyrenees genetics and others have more of the poodle genetics. The thing I love the most about our first litter of Pyredoodles is that, instead of having 7 solid white puppies who look identical, each one of our 7 puppies has unique markings. The markings they are exhibiting are common and acceptable in the Great Pyrenees breed standards. We have some with blonde ears, some with light brown markings, some with one darker ear, some with tan stripes on their heads, and one that is solid cream like her dad, Jack. They all have thick, wavy hair that is absolutely beautiful and soft.

We are offering our Pyredoodles for only $800 each. We have already invested a lot of money into the health of their mother, their father, vet exams, shots, high protein food, and de-worming to make sure the puppies are healthy and happy. They turned 8 weeks old on Saturday, March 25 and had their full health check and paperwork done by our veterinarian. They will be ready for their new homes on Monday, March 27, 2023. Please email us at the address on our homepage for information about our Pyredoodles.

**Pictured below are the Pyredoodle puppies we have for sale!*** As of 05/06/23, we have 2 adorable male puppies left!! We are offering our two male Pyredoodles for only $500 each right now!!***The most recent pictures are at the top. The pictures from the vet office show the three available males waiting patiently for the vet! 🙂

Here is a picture of a Great Pyrenees taken from the AKC website at When I read about breed standards, I saw that many of them had darker markings on their ears and heads. Most of Anna’s puppies have these markings and they are getting darker as they grow older and their fur gets longer. This picture from the AKC website shows how Anna’s puppies may look as they mature. Most likely, they will have these markings, but with wavy hair like their dad, Jack.